As a legal innovation professional, I spend considerable time thinking about the future and what it holds for the legal industry. In doing this, I am often reminded of one of my favorite books, Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist’s Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations by Thomas Friedman.

In this 2016 book and in his frequent speaking engagements, Friedman does a great job outlining the opportunities presented to the world with the convergence of rapidly growing computing power, high-speed internet bandwidth, and nearly unlimited storage. While this remarkable convergence provides the foundational elements to dramatically change how we live, work, learn, and govern, it also presents challenges. One of the biggest challenges, according to Friedman, is our ability as humans to adapt to the pace of innovation created by this exciting convergence of technologies.

While people are very adaptable and our ability to adapt will increase over time, it likely won’t increase at the exponential rate we’re seeing technology evolve. Accordingly, Friedman and other forward thinkers believe we currently reside in a place where technological innovation has surpassed our ability to adapt to it and this creates an “opportunity gap.”

View Video of Friedman Discussing The Opportunity Gap at The Aspen Institute

Within the legal industry, there is an “opportunity gap” growing between the potential for computing power, bandwidth, and storage to deliver more value to our legal clients and the technologies lawyers are actually using on a daily basis. As an industry, we need to recognize this opportunity gap exists and work together with our clients to bridge it.

Recurve Solutions was formed just for this purpose. To help law firms and legal departments move out of a state of inertia and start embracing the change that technology and innovation requires. Our Innovation Architects are not only skilled at understanding the potential value of legal technologies, they are experts in leading successful implementations and driving company-wide adoption as this is where meaningful results are achieved.

We look forward to helping your legal organization transform good ideas into meaningful legal innovation that delivers results.

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