Recurve Connect Custom Solutions

Enhancing legal team collaboration requires more than just technology. It takes innovative thinking and extensive knowledge about legal processes, situational use cases, human-centered design, and agile development.

Each Connect Custom Solution is driven by a skilled Innovation Architect, developed on the popular HighQ platform, and designed to meet your team’s specific collaboration needs.

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  • Custom-built collaboration solution for your specific matter
  • Development led by experienced innovation architects
  • 10 integrated module options: files, data sheets, checklists & tasks, calendar, data visualization, automation, co-authoring, alerts, blog, and custom navigation
  • Custom visual dashboards and reports
  • Advanced features and functionality to enhance teamwork and productivity*
  • 24/7 user access connects teams in multiple locations

customer testimonial

“The Innovation Architects at Recurve brought a wealth of experience to the table. They knew what would work best to support our needs and were able to make a big difference.”**

Success Story

New Intake Workflow Gives Litigation Matters Momentum