Recurve Connect Custom Solutions

Over the years, the legal community has come to realize that technology alone does not solve our problems.

Recurve’s custom collaboration solutions, powered by HighQ Technology,* are based on years of exploratory design work and practical research in the legal field to reimagine how legal service delivery can be enhanced.

Our Innovation Architects combine extensive knowledge about best-in-class technologies with in-depth understanding of different legal use cases, processes, and service delivery techniques to deliver optimal collaboration solutions for legal organizations and their unique needs.



  • Developing new models for user-friendly, accessible, and engaging legal collaboration
  • Full service support from design through implementation led by skilled Innovation Architects
  • Maximize your investment in legal technologies by using them to their fullest potential
  • Achieve optimized outcomes by making data-driven decisions

customer testimonial

“The Innovation Architects at Recurve brought a wealth of experience to the table. They knew what would work best to support our needs and were able to make a big difference.”**

Success Story

New Intake Workflow Gives Litigation Matters Momentum