Accelerating Litigation Matter Intake Process

Success Story for Recurve Connect Custom Solutions**


The client*, a global insurance company, wanted to improve the initiation of new litigation matters with their outside partners. They historically relied on email to launch new litigation matters, provide information for timely conflict checks and legal team assignments, and obtain key approvals. The client needed a new solution that simplified and improved this intake process, could handle their high volume of matters, and reduce their overall dependency on cumbersome email.


The team developed a Recurve Connect Custom Solution to automate the intake workflow for new litigation matters, from initiation to client approval of the assigned legal team. Comprehensive visual dashboards were created to provide the client with easy access to the intake status of each matter and custom workflows were developed to manage post-intake requests and client feedback. Recurve also built a robust document repository to provide real-time access to correspondence, evidence, pleadings, and other documents associated with each litigation matter.


The custom intake system for litigation matters resulted in increased efficiency, improved visibility and tracking, and more timely transfer of cases to outside counsel. In just a few clicks, the client can now check which matters and requests need their attention and help ensure key tasks are handled in a timely manner. The client values the enhanced visibility they now have into the intake process for new litigation matters and their easy access to important documents provided by their Recurve Connect Custom Solution.

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