Streamline Essential Contract Due Diligence

Client Success Story for Recurve Knowable Contract Diligence**


The client** a market leader in the pharmaceutical industry, had the opportunity to make a significant acquisition that would transform its business. Tight timelines and immense contract volumes across multiple languages far exceeded the capabilities of in-house and deal counsel, and the proliferation of third-party service providers quickly became unwieldly. The client needed a reliable and scalable due diligence solution that could work directly with deal counsel to augment their due diligence work.


Knowable, working directly with lead deal counsel, scaled a large team with multi-language capabilities and applied its proprietary contract analysis technology and processes to analyze thousands of contracts in under 4 months with contractually guaranteed accuracy. Deal counsel performed secondary review using Knowable’s output to isolate agreements with change of control rights that would be triggered by the deal’s complex transaction structure.


The seemingly impossible task of analyzing thousands of contract agreements in multiple languages in less than 4 months was completed on time, at agreed-upon accuracy levels, and to the satisfaction of both client and deal counsel. Knowable’s flexible data asset allowed for quick response turn-around times and mitigated redundant contract analysis requests by different business units. Knowable’s streamlined and simplified interaction model also eliminated the need for the client to manage multiple partners.

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