Simplifying Multi-Property Securitization Transaction

Success Story for Recurve Connect Deal Hub**


The client** was looking for a solution to transfer and track the status of documents needed for a transaction involving over 50 real estate properties. Each property required multiple documents to be assembled and these documents were provided by different parties to the deal as well as third parties. The overall document count for the deal was well over 2,700 and many of the documents were too large for email.


Using Recurve Connect Deal Hub, the deal team was able to eliminate the need for multiple file transfers as all deal participants had tailored access to what they needed instantaneously and 24/7. Automatic reminders for due dates eliminated cumbersome reminder emails and phone calls. The solution also provided transparency into which documents were outstanding and accountability as to who needed to provide them.


Deal Hub became an essential part of the teams’ daily work and all parties consulted the tool for their responsibilities, deadlines, and updates. The client was able to monitor the deal’s progression using customized data visuals to help ensure everything stayed on track. The deal was completed in a timely manner and the team found Deal Hub to be an essential tool that they plan on using in the future.