When a company’s contracts are reviewed as part of due diligence associated with a transaction, the information gathered is rarely utilized after the deal because it’s usually locked in static, manually developed summary reports.

Recurve’s due diligence partner Knowable is a leader in the field of contract data management. They’ve developed proprietary technologies, data models, and processes to convert information stored in contracts into structured data that supports robust data analytics and comprehensive visualizations. With this improved access and visibility, deal teams can perform better, faster, and more comprehensive due diligence to identify opportunities and address areas of concern.

In addition to enhancing due diligence, the structured data set of contract information created by Knowable can deliver ongoing value to an organization after the transaction in the following ways.

  1. Flexible Format Supports New Lines Inquiry. By converting contractual information into structured data, the Knowable platform is flexible enough to not only answer important questions during due diligence, but also address future questions that arise during integration and beyond.
  2. Sharable Platform Delivers Cross-Company Value. Beyond the deal team, consolidated contract information has inherent value to other areas of a company. Knowable’s user-friendly interface and robust inquiry capabilities allows this contract data management solution to deliver value for many different purposes.
  3. Easy Updates to Keep Data Current. As we all know, contracts are created and amended frequently. Unless the data set of contract information is updated on a regular basis, it starts to become outdated as soon as the information is initially collected. The Knowable contract data management solution is easy to update, and this helps it to deliver lasting value to an organization.

The Innovation Architects at Recurve are skilled at leveraging the full value of the Knowable contract data management solution for due diligence and beyond. We look forward to discussing your specific needs. Contact Us