As the world continues to innovate at increasing speed, we have seen entirely new industries appear and traditional industries completely transform. In many cases, innovation has reshaped what existed into something new, better, and more useful. The practice of law is no different and the opportunities are immense for legal organizations willing to explore new approaches to how business gets done.

Yet within this environment of rapidly changing client expectations, new definitions for client value, and diverse ways services can be delivered, many organizations within our legal industry struggle to take action. We need a skilled set of leaders to guide us forward as we rethink how legal services can be delivered and how legal technology can be utilized. These leaders are called Innovation Architects.

We need a skilled set of leaders to guide us forward as we rethink how legal services can be delivered.

While there are individuals with focused expertise in technology, systems integration, data science, process management, and other important disciplines which are essential to innovation, the Innovation Architect brings the legal industry experience required to truly understand the specific legal service problem at hand and the ability to assemble the tools, platforms, and experts in the right proportion to deliver a successful result.

The Innovation Architects at Recurve have the expertise required to thoroughly understand the landscape of the legal industry and design solutions that are both appropriate and can be successfully implemented. These professionals bring decades of experience in the practice of law and in the development of technology, people, and process to enhance existing legal workflows and improve overall client experience.

In a world pushing for change, it often makes sense to turn the reins over to an experienced Innovation Architect to guide your legal organization forward on the path to delivering more client value.

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