Recurve Connect Deal Hub

The increasing complexity of legal transactions should not require an increase in the complexity of collaboration and communication between clients and their lawyers.

Recurve Connect Deal Hub unifies the extended team on a secure, web-based collaboration platform, powered by HighQ Technology,* to manage documents, files, tasks, milestones and communications required for successful execution of complex legal matters.

Each Deal Hub site can be setup quickly and customized by our skilled Innovation Architects to your specific needs. Avoid those dreaded email strings and get your team working from the same set of information for improved productivity.



  • Secure collaboration platform that links clients and their legal team
  • Web-based access (24/7) to documents, files, tasks, milestones and communications
  • Great for teams in different locations and time zones
  • Eliminates email overload and file size issues
  • Fully customizable
  • User-friendly status tracking and output reports
  • Quick setup (same day setup is available)

client testimonial

“Thinking about the amount of documents needed keeps me up at night. After seeing the Recurve Connect Deal Hub platform, I am feeling confident that this can be done.”**

Success Story

Simplifying Multi-Property Securitization Transaction