Recurve Connect Lease Tracker

Proactively manage a large portfolio of leases through their various phases with an integrated virtual platform that organizes key documents, milestones, and stakeholders.

Powered by HighQ Technology* and configured by Recurve’s Innovation Architects, this comprehensive solution can streamline lease management, improve collaboration, and enhance visibility across a company’s lease portfolio.

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  • Centralized virtual platform for lease contract management
  • Developed in partnership with skilled real estate lawyers
  • 5 integrated modules: files, data sheets, checklists & tasks, calendar, and data visualization
  • Leverage custom workflows to improve productivity and outcomes*
  • Comprehensive lease templates and embedded eSignature*
  • 24/7 user access with robust security permissions
  • Quick setup and configuration to client’s unique needs

client testimonial

“Recurve’s Lease Tracker helps you see the big picture. You can check on what’s been done without having to ask. It also eliminates extra steps, which saves time and time is money. It’s a much more efficient way of doing things.”**

Success Story

Collaborating to Manage Large Lease Portfolio