Recurve Connect Lease Tracker

Managing a large portfolio of leases through their various phases can be an operational burden for many organizations.

Recurve Connect Lease Tracker, powered by HighQ Technology,* is a comprehensive tool that greatly simplifies management of leases using an interactive, online platform. You can access and transfer documents within your organization and share them with your real estate counsel and financing teams.

User-friendly dashboards with data visualization help with strategic business planning and customized templates help you quickly prepare frequently used documents. Artificial Intelligence (AI) integrations enable the analysis of lease information across your company’s portfolio to highlight potential issues and liabilities.



  • Access your lease information and documents on the go
  • Securely collaborate to facilitate leases, acquisitions, sales, and refinancing
  • Flexible permissions for customized access levels and audit history
  • Intelligent workflows and templates help generate leases and amendments*
  • Integrated eSignature capabilities*
  • Customizable dashboards for visual insights into your lease portfolio*
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities*

client testimonial

“Recurve’s Lease Tracker helps you see the big picture. You can check on what’s been done without having to ask. It also eliminates extra steps, which saves time and time is money. It’s a much more efficient way of doing things.”**

Success Story

Collaborating to Manage Company’s Lease Portfolio