Recurve Connect Share

Enhance collaboration between clients and their legal teams with a virtual file-sharing platform that can be setup and implemented quickly.

Your team will work seamlessly together using a centralized set of files and documents that are hosted in a secure environment. User access to select documents can be filtered to the needs of each stakeholder with customized access permissions.

Powered by HighQ Technology and configured by skilled Innovation Architects, Connect Share can help you keep internal and external stakeholders aligned for improved productivity and results.



  • Virtual file-sharing platform for important legal matters
  • Leverages best practices for client-law firm collaboration
  • 24/7 user access with internet connection
  • Quick setup, configuration & rollout
  • Handles large files (10Mb+) that are cumbersome to email
  • User-friendly interface requires minimal training
  • Promotes collaboration for improved results

client testimonial

“Our Connect Share sites help us organize files, documents, workflows, and people for each of our transactions. Our work teams are more secure, timely, and productive. We plan to continue using these sites going forward.”**

Success Story

Virtual File-Sharing Site Keeps Legal Team Aligned