Recurve Knowable Due Diligence

Performing comprehensive due diligence on a large volume of contracts in the time required for important mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and other corporate transactions can be a burden for lawyers and their clients.

Our innovation solution, powered by Knowable, combines artificial intelligence with trained contract analysts to transform legal contract language into structured data to deliver enhanced insights in less time with a 98% accuracy guarantee.

Integrating the latest technology with rigorous quality control, the Recurve Knowable Due Diligence platform can augment any deal team looking to drive efficiency and create competitive advantage.



  • Streamline and accelerate due diligence on contract portfolios for complex transactions
  • Leverage AI to efficiently convert legal contract language into structured data
  • Multi-gate QC process using contract analysts leads to certified levels of quality
  • Centralize contract-related due diligence information at scale across 25+ languages
  • Create a powerful, lasting data asset that continues to deliver value beyond diligence
  • Powerful digital insights improve integrations, mitigate risks, and identify opportunities

client testimonial

“We were able to convert legal language from hundreds of contracts into structured data that was thoroughly analyzed to answer important questions quickly, efficiently, and at scale.”**

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Streamlining Contract Due Diligence with Innovation