Collaborating to Manage Large Lease Portfolio

Success Story for Recurve Connect Lease Tracker**


The client* had employees around the country who needed real-time access to the company’s large portfolio of lease contracts. They needed to review lease information, make updates, obtain approvals, and execute lease contracts on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, there were significant pain points in the process, including conflicting documents, missed steps, approval delays, and poor management of lease contracts once executed. These challenges opened the business up to potential risk exposure and liability.


Once Recurve Connect Lease Tracker was implemented, authorized users easily accessed the company’s lease contracts and generated new lease documents using pre-approved templates. Draft contracts were accessed immediately by both internal and external stakeholders for review, negotiation, and approval without incurring the potential risks of saving and emailing local copies. Digital signatures using imbedded DocuSign™ functionality streamlined document approvals, and auto-generated notifications kept stakeholders on schedule.


After adopting Recurve Connect Lease Tracker, the internal and external stakeholders involved in the management of the company’s property leases performed as a unified team and operational speed increased dramatically. In addition, legal processes for lease contracts are now more robust and the potential risks associated with the company’s extensive lease portfolio have been greatly reduced.

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