Recurve leverages its extensive experience to survey the competitive landscape and partner with leading technology providers to deliver solutions customized for the legal industry.

Recurve Connect
Deal Hub

Keep your deal team aligned with a secure collaboration platform that helps ensure the successful execution of complex transactions.learn more >

Recurve Knowable
Due Diligence

Realize comprehensive due diligence insights about contracts for mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and other corporate transactions.learn more >


Recurve Connect
Lease Tracker

Proactively manage your lease portfolio with an integrated online platform that manages key documents, milestones, and stakeholders.learn more >

Recurve Legal
Data Analytics

Seamlessly assemble, structure, analyze, and visualize large and diverse data sets to support case strategy and enhance outcomes.learn more >


Recurve Connect
Custom Solutions

Engage our Innovation Architects, experts in human-centered design and agile development, to create customized collaboration solutions.learn more >


Achieve defensible data discovery results with the custom integration of internal services and those of leading eDiscovery providers.learn more >


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