Achieve defensible data discovery results with the custom integration of leading eDiscovery platforms.

Dynamic eDiscovery >
Litigation Support
Litigation Graphics Design
Trial Presentation Support


Collaboration sites that help clients and their legal teams work together for enhanced productivity.

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Connect Deal Hub >
Connect Lease Tracker >
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Due Diligence

Uncover robust insights about contracts to support due diligence for M&A and other corporate transactions.

Knowable Contract Diligence >
AI-Driven Due Diligence


Streamline and improve workflows with innovative design, industry best practices, and leading technologies.

No-Code Automation
Document Automation
Automated Workflow
Legal Process Improvement

Data Analytics

Assemble, structure, analyze, and visualize large data sets to support legal case strategy.

Legal Data Analytics >
Wage & Hour / PAGA
Damages Assessment
Data Visualization


Access important information to support legal strategy using industry-leading research tools and resources.

Subscription Management
User Training & Support
Custom Research

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