Virtual File-Sharing Site Keeps Legal Team Aligned

Success Story for Recurve Connect Share**


The client** was pursuing multiple acquisitions at the same time and struggled to manage the large volume of due diligence and transaction files associated with each deal. They needed a secure file-sharing solution that could be setup quickly for each transaction to manage documents with internal and external stakeholders. The solution also had to be easy to use because with the client’s deal flow calendar, there was limited time for user training.


A skilled Innovation Architect at Recurve analyzed the situation and developed a Recurve Connect Share site template using a folder structure that aligned with the client’s deal closing checklist. This alignment enabled closing binders to be quickly prepared. In addition, the reusable site template allowed new sites to be setup and rolled out quickly for each transaction, and user access to documents could be filtered to the needs of each deal participant.


After a successful initial use, the client is now deploying templated Recurve Connect Share sites for every new transaction to help support a more consistent deal flow process. As a result, the client’s transactions are now closing in less time, with less risk, and in a more streamlined and collaborative manner. This delivers ongoing value to the entire organization.

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