Finding Key Document Helps Resolve Matter

Success Story for Recurve Dynamic eDiscovery**


A month before trial was set to begin on a matter that had been active for over four years, an additional 206,000 documents were received. The client** needed these documents reviewed quickly and thoroughly in preparation for the final set of depositions prior to trial.


This new data was loaded into one of the Dynamic eDiscovery analytics tools and a Recurve Innovation Architect worked closely with the subject matter expert (a partner) to review and analyze the data set in a single day to locate relevant documents.


As a result of this effort, the legal team was able work through the large volume of additional documents in under 8 hours and locate what was called the “home run document”. This document had not been seen by counsel in the 4+ years of litigation work. The matter settled shortly thereafter thanks to efficient use of the Recurve Dynamic eDiscovery solution.

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