Analyzing Raw Data Improves Case Outcome

Success Story for Recurve Legal Data Analytics**


Our client** experienced a release of low pH process water into a local fishing area. The plaintiffs, 100+ commercial fishermen, alleged the incident caused lost income and profits over a 5-year period. Plaintiffs’ counsel produced multiple Excel files containing mass records of landings data for the fishermen that were used to determine estimated damages.


Analyzing the raw landing data provided by plaintiffs’ counsel, along with additional third-party data and enhanced financial modeling, the legal data analytics team developed a more informed set of assumptions and a lower estimated damage amount that was defensible. These valuable insights helped the client’s legal team in settlement discussions.


Using the detailed insights provided by the legal data analytics team, defense counsel elected not to settle in mediation. A successful result was achieved when the case was dismissed, with prejudice. The client was pleased with the final outcome.

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